Why Women Need Prenups & Postnups:

“The Real” Advice

Recently, the panelists of the daytime show “The Real” took the time to have a great discussion about not just celebrity divorce, but also prenuptial agreements and post nuptial agreements.  This panel discussion was a serious glimpse into conversations and thought patterns which take place for successful women in entertainment and beyond.  

“Prenups are good for regular people…”

One insight that was set forth was “break ups cause people to act crazy.”  “People become unrecognizable when you are going through a breakup.”  This is something that most people do not anticipate.  It can be very helpful to listen to the cast of “The Real” have their candid discussion about their own experiences with prenups and postnups.  Another serious insight was when one panelist states that when she got married, her husband asked for a prenup to solidify his position, but she didn’t have much.  She subsequently made money and the couple entered into a postnumptial agreement.  The take away is that prenups are for everyone, not just celebrities and rich people. Prenups are good for regular people too!  Some people think that prenups are unromantic.  Others beg to differ.



The Real – A new daytime TV Show 



Regular People Need Prenups Too!!

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