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4 Reasons Normal People Need A Prenuptial Agreement!


1) You have a Prenuptial Agreement Anyway, You Just Don’t Know It…


The law basically creates default rules which apply during a divorce.  If you get divorced, those default rules apply, unless the parties agreed to some other course of action.  What is amazing is the fact that most people are so ignorant about the fact that the law effectively gives them a prenuptial agreement by planning what happens in the event of a divorce , that they actually refuse to plan for divorce themselves.  The result is often anger and frustration if a divorce occurs.  Often, it is during a divorce that a party learns what rules will apply to them by default in event of a divorce and that if they had properly planned, rather than letting emotions and discomfort prevail, they would have been able to easily avoid the often draconian divorce law rules and their applications.


2) Prenuptial Agreements Are Not Just For Rich People!


People often mistakenly believe that prenuptial agreements are for rich people.  News Flash: Not only are Prenups not just for rich people, regular people can use them for all sorts of things.  If you are a student for instance, or plan to be one in the future, the divorce laws of many States will, upon a divorce, make your degree marital property if it was earned during the marriage.  That means your spouse will own half of it and and you will have to pay your spouse if you get divorced!  That is one of the many default rules that the divorce laws set forth that parties can very easily decide should not apply to them


3) A Prenuptial Agreement is a pregame plan for marriage!


A prenuptial agreement is about having a plan.  People often mistake Prenups for being a tool for divorce.  However, a couple looking to get married can use a Prenuptial Agreement as a pregame plan for marriage.  They can set forth their expectations: from how many kids they expect to have to what type of lifestyle the couple expects to have.  As mentioned earlier, the parties can also plan for divorce and what rules may apply.  Often, these conversations will not cause divorce, but rather, in many cases, take pressure off a couple and provide clear expectations and goals for a couple seeking to get married and to go on a long, happy journey together

4) A Prenuptial Agreement creates dialogue!


Prenuptial Agreements are uncomfortable.   Couples seeking to get married do not want to talk about divorce.  There are social conventions that make people believe discussing divorce when you are engaged is bad luck.  Others believe that if you are getting married, discussing divorce means that you are planning for the marriage to end and not discussing divorce means it will never end.  Regardless of the reason, the discomfort surrounding discussions of prenuptial agreements is really silly.  The truth is, the best time to discuss the types of things that go into a prenuptial agreement rationally and fairly, is when both parties are happy and in love.  There is no need to wait until their is contention in a marriage to discuss a possible divorce.  A prenuptial agreement should be the minutes of a meeting between the parties about where their lives will go after marriage and how they will get there.  A prenuptial agreement, if used right, can be a tool for a couple to save their relationship and build the foundations upon which a long and prosperous marriage can occur


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