Verbal Promises Can Be Used By A Court

To Invalidate A Prenup!

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A Long Island, New York woman recently convinced a Divorce Court to make a ground breaking decision. As seen in this ABC News Video, a couple went to war in Court over their prenuptial agreement, and the husband lost.  A New York Appellate Court threw out the couple’s prenuptial agreement based on oral promises made by the husband to the wife.  The agreement was presented to the wife six weeks before the wedding.  The wife’s lawyer called the agreement “heavy handed” in an interview.  The wife refused to sign and four days before the wedding, she says he promised to get rid of the prenuptial agreement once the two began to have children.  She signed.  A Court later ruled that he had fraudulently induced her to sign as he did not rip the prenup up and in fact sought to enforce it.

Oral Agreements & Verbal Promises

can be used by Courts

to Invalidate a Prenuptial Agreement…

In an Interview with ABC News, her Lawyer, Dennis D’ Antonio, a commercial litigator in Manhattan states, “If you are too greedy and marginalize a spouse, it’s a lot easier for an Appellate Court to agree with a legal argument that would invalidate a prenup than it otherwise might be if that prenup was fair. It’s not a given that the prenup is going to rule at the end of the day. It levels the playing field with couples dissolving a marriage with a prenup.” 



ABC NEWS  –Long Island Woman Wins Groundbreaking Prenup Battle 



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