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Couples often have serious discomfort discussing Prenuptial Agreements. Many factors cause that discomfort, from beliefs that Prenups signal a lack of trust, to the belief that prenups are for rich or famous people.  Emotions are probably the leading cause of the reluctance engaged people have about talking Prenups.  Molly McCluskey, in an article for DailyFinance.com, stresses what our site knows, to wit, that Prenuptial Agreements are important to the premarital discussions that every couple should have.  In her article she suggests that every couple considering marriage should start the Prenup Process, even if they don’t finish it.

Every Couple Should Discuss

Prenups Even If They Decide

Not To Sign One…

Despite the difficulty of the Prenup discussion every couple should discuss Prenups and the items that should go into them.  Prenuptial Agreements are an important tool for a couple.  Just because you don’t want to talk about the items that would be in a Prenuptial Agreement doesn’t mean they won’t later pop up and become marriage killing arguments.  Topics such as who owns what property, what behavior is acceptable online and on social networks, whether and degrees or licenses obtained during the marriage will be marital property, who may keep pets and other serious issues that would normally be resolved in a Prenuptial Agreement can be the basis for a war of the roses divorce.  There is no harm in spending a little extra time and money now to avoid huge cost and heartache later.  Having a game plan for marriage is what Prenuptial Agreements are really about.  Even if you decide you will never sign or use it, the conversation is still an important one to have!



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