Prenup Ripped Up &

Thrown Into Ocean On Honeymoon

Still In Effect: NY Judge

Ripped Up Prenup


Ezra Braha wanted to marry his fiancee Rina.  The Brooklyn business man needed her to sign a Prenuptial Agreement.  His father would kill him otherwise.  She says he let her know that and told her that he would rip it up after they were married.  He promised never to use it.  She got a lawyer and they both signed a Prenup.  They got married.  Then they went on their honeymoon and the couple tore up their Prenups and threw the pieces in the ocean.  Rina had peace of mind.  Ezra had pieces of a copy of the prenuptial agreement.  The real agreement would surface during a heated argument years later.

Even if you rip the prenuptial agreement

up on your honeymoon

and throw it in the ocean, it may still be valid…

While fighting, Ezra produced his Prenup!  He said that he tore up a copy. Rina’s Lawyer told the New York Post that Ezra stated in a deposition that it was never his intention to rip up the original because he could not betray his father. That was not all Rina discovered.  Turns out, Ezra had hidden the fact that he had a 25% stake in his parents’ multimillion dollar family business, which owned real estate, including hotels and malls!  A Brooklyn, NY Judge ruled that despite these facts, the Prenup was valid and could be enforced.  The Prenup specifically stated that no promises or covenants outside of the document should be taken into account.  Both parties were also represented by Lawyers.  “In this case, defendant fails to make a sufficient showing that would warrant setting the prenuptial agreement aside,” said the Judge in his decision.



NY POST- Prenup dramatically torn up on honeymoon is still in effect: Judge

Read the decision on Justia.com – Braha v. Braha


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