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Do I Need A Prenuptial Agreement?


Of course you do!  In fact, you already have one!  The law creates a default way of handling things if you get divorced.  Do you know what the law says happens to you if you get a divorce?  Most people don’t.  Getting a prenuptial agreement is not just for rich people.  It is for people who want to take control of what will happen to them and to their assets if marriage does not work out for them.  Often you hear people complain about how bad divorce is, but many of those people complaining did not take the time at the beginning to find out what they were getting themselves into.  If you don’t know your state’s divorce laws, how can you possibly say with certainty that you don’t need a prenuptial agreement?  Many people, because they think they are for rich people, because they find it uncomfortable to speak to their spouses, or for other reasons, get married without a prenuptial agreement and then end up regretting that decision when they get divorced..



A Prenuptial agreement is an agreement which states what will happen in case you and your spouse are divorced.  It basically tells a court what you agreed, before a divorce, to do in case of a divorce.  It can also be used to memorial what each party understood before entering into the marriage.  If you don’t create a prenuptial agreement, the default provisions of your state’s divorce laws will apply to your situation. 


Who Can Get A Prenuptial Agreement?

Anyone getting married can enter into a prenuptial agreement.  We can create prenuptial agreements for you if you are entering into a heterosexual marriage and even if you are entering into a gay marriage (you may want to consult an attorney if you are getting married in a jurisdiction that does not yet recognize same sex marriages).  We can help you with the following:

 A Prenuptial Agreement for a marriage between a man and a woman

A Prenuptial Agreement for a marriage between a man and a man

A Prenuptial Agreement for a marriage between a woman and a woman

Why Should I Choose NEEDPRENUP.COM

NEEDPRENUP.COM was started by a Manhattan attorney who noticed that many young people in divorce cases regretted not having prenuptial agreements.  The agreements provided by this site are the same agreements used in his Manhattan practice.

You are getting Attorney prepared agreements, without hiring an attorney.  Why?  

Well, it takes time and money to have an Attorney-Client relationship.  This site operates under the premise that there are people who want Lawyer quality products but don’t want to deal with Attorneys.  However, there is a flipside to that – there are Lawyers that want to work, they just don’t want to work with clients.  Some are good Lawyers but are just awkward.  Some have other jobs at firms and want to make extra money.  This site was founded based on the premises of matching these two populations up, to the benefit of the parties seeking to obtain documents.  

Such being the case: NOTHING HERE IS MEANT TO CREATE AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP!  If you want to hire a lawyer, go hire one.  

Are we Attorneys?  


Are we your Attorneys?  


Also, though are agreements are prepared with the law of the State specified by you in mind, Attorneys have to take a bar exam in each State in which he or she is practicing.  That being said, we are sure you are great, but your need for an agreement does not inspire us to take 50 different bar exams.  Other sites simply find lawyers in each state and sell you to them like cattle or property in order to fill your order.  We are what we are, Attorneys doing document preparation.  We are admitted in States, but not necessarily your State.  However, our agreements are drafted based upon the State specified.  You should, if you are concerned and need a Lawyer in your State, go find one.  We are happy to assist you, and our product is a quality product.  However, we have no plans on hiring random Lawyers in 50 different States in order to make our products look more appealing.  Many popular sites are doing just that. That is ok.  Good for them.  We know what we are providing and are ok with losing a customer rather  than misrepresenting ourselves or diluting the quality of our product.  We also have no interest in running afoul of local laws that may penalize an unadmitted Attorney for unintentionally providing legal advice.  So we are drafting a document for you, but we are not your attorneys.  That is the case whether you are in a jurisdiction like New York or New Jersey in which we are admitted to practice law, or elsewhere.



Are You Selling Me A Form?

No.  Each prenup is drafted individually based upon your answers to questions and using prenuptial agreements that were formulated in actual attorney-client interactions.  Of course, the documents created are very similar as they are based upon prenuptial agreements developed in a successful law practice.  Each prenuptial agreement is drafted based on the information provided and reviewed by an attorney before it is sent to you. Some of our agreements are initially drafted using a complex document automation program created specifically for the purposes of creating upper level prenuptial agreements based upon information received by us.  At this time, we don’t have the capability of creating the agreement without even looking at it, even if we wanted to.  The Prenuptial Agreement prepared for you can be used as is, or, taken to your personal attorney for review.


Some Popular Legal Sites Are Charging Over $1500 For Prenuptial Agreements…Why Am I Able To Get One From You So Cheap?

We don’t advertise on TV or have to worry about finding random Attorneys to work with and pay, nor are we a referral service.  That is not what we do.  The following story is helpful:

A wise business man once told a client who was asking for services the following: 




Then he told the client to pick two.  The lesson was, if you want good and cheap, it won’t be fast, but that if you didn’t want fast, you can get something good for cheap.  Attorneys sell their time for a living, but not all of it is worth the same amount, despite what they would want you to believe.  Many attorneys have blocks of off peak hours that they don’t use for work and/or don’t sell (for instance, at night or weekends).  We work with attorneys and grab that off peak time at a lower price and pass the saving on to you!  Of course, our starting documents are time tested prenuptial agreements to begin with.  Even law firms have used these documents, obtained from us, to provide client services.  Many law firm clients have paid as much as four to five times the price of this service for similar documents.


With limited contact with you and an agreement not to create an Attorney Client privilege, we are able to get a product prepared and send it to you in a way that benefits both parties.  You can still hire a Lawyer and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by using our documents!

The bottom line: You will get a great product without the hassle of having to go to an attorney’s office and pay prime time, big market rates! 

What Can I Expect?

You can expect to get a prenuptial agreement which you can use as a final document or as a starting point if you want to add things. You will also get information that will help you understand the law. All documents are sent in Portable Document Format or PDF so that you can read them on most computers and devices.

What Are The Steps Involved In

Creating My Prenuptial Agreement?

First, after your payment is received, you will fill out a form so that we can get the information that we will need to draft your prenuptial agreement.  Once you have completed the form and submitted your payment, we will review the information provided to us.  If we have questions or something is not clear, we may call you (or email you).  Finally, we will send you your prenuptial agreement via electronic mail and it will be official and ready to use.  Just print it, fill it out, sign it and get married! Or, take it to your Lawyer to tweak and review.

What Goes Into A Prenuptial Agreement?

That depends on you!  Your agreement can cover all sorts of things which are unique to your relationship including, but not limited to:

  • Whether you will have a joint bank account to pay bills
  • Whether you wish to have children
  • How many children you wish to have
  • Whether one party plans to go back to school
  • Whether property one person has becomes a part of the marriage (money, houses, cars, inheritance, etc.)
  • Whether someone should be paid a lump sum in the event of divorce
  • Where the couple will live
  • The percentage of rent each party will pay
  • Clearly showing what property each person has.
  • Whether the parties want to prevent one another from receiving alimony
  • Retirement planning
  • What happens in the event of a sale of property
  • Life Insurance
  • and more!

What If I Need An Attorney To Review A Prenuptial Agreement Or To Give Me Advice About A Prenuptial Agreement?

Attorney consultation services are available at Attorney hourly rates at the Law Offices of Oeser-Sweat, P.C. for Prenuptial Agreements in New York only.  Though Attorneys at the firm are admitted in other States, at this time, this Self Imposed Geographic Limitation allows us to provide quality services without limiting the time we have available to our clients.  If you are looking for Legal Advice, please contact your Lawyer.

There Has To Be Some Catch…

No catch, no hidden fees, and no extra cost unless you are seeking additional services, which the majority of our customers will not need.


I Am A Former Or Current Client Of An Attorney Working With You, Can I Still Use This Service?

Yes.  However, please note, as stated herein, nothing in this page or interaction is intended to create an Attorney-Client relationship.  Such being the case, if you decide to use this service, you are not getting any of the products provided in the context of an Attorney-Client relationship, nor is any person on our staff working as your Attorney.  You can take advantage of the cost savings in using this service, however, in the process, you agree that you understand that that person did not act as your Lawyer, nor did any member of our staff.  This is just fair.  You are getting the benefit of an extremely discounted product.  You can’t use that as a work-around to paying legal fees and then attempt to seek the benefits our clients get, including time and support services incident to the preparation of a legal document by your personal Lawyer.


How Fast Can I Get My Prenuptial Agreement?

You will usually have your prenuptial agreement within three days from the time you complete the application.  We are not an automated service generating forms and accordingly, we will need some time to draft your document and review it. We are also not selling Pizza.  If you are entering into a shotgun wedding tomorrow and need the document quicker, we MAY be able to accommodate you, for an additional cost.  Remember, FAST, CHEAP, GOOD, PICK TWO is often a cautionary tale.  If you want fast and good, it often won’t be cheap.  You want FAST and CHEAP? It probably won’t be that GOOD.  Some other place saying otherwise?  Good luck with that..we wish you the best.  We are already providing outstanding services at amazing prices.  We would rather lose a potential client then provide work that is of a quality that is inferior to our own expectations. 



Why Do You Have Ads On Your Blog?

This site was created after a long day in court.  It was created as a way of monetizing lessons learned on a bad day.  It is a lemonade stand.  On the day being referred to, the founder of the site dealt with the following: Other Attorneys calling for overflow afterhours work, A client getting hammered because of the lack of a Prenuptial Agreement in a Divorce, having to hear over and over again why “people are stupid for thinking Prenuptial Agreements are only for rich people” in Court, seeing a really cool Subaru Truck on the Street, and having no luck figuring out what his next web product should be after learning that a legal blog he created had over a million page views by over 150,000 people.  This site was created to address all the things that happened that day.  So what about the blogs?  Well, the advertising also helps to monetize the site and it keeps the product competitive.  We are probably one of the only sites/stores/providers that allows are competitors to come in and pitch their products.  Rich popular legal service provider sites put out lots of advertising and you probably see it on our site.  We don’t endorse any of them, but we are confident in our product and stand by it.  If you click through to their product, hey, good luck.  However, most likely, you were going to do that anyway.  However, now we got a portion of the ad revenue.  So either way, we love you.  The ads just make good sense from a business perspective. Our site is providing a clearance lower cost item than we would sell in our normal channels.  If we were doing any less, you should question who you are doing business with!



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