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Duress Can Lead to The Invalidation

of A Prenuptial Agreement!



Be very careful not to put pressure on your spouse to sign a prenuptial agreement!  If a court believes that a party was under undue pressure, it may invalidate a prenuptial agreement, even if both parties were represented by lawyers!

One of the biggest questions facing a couple is when should they sign a prenuptial agreement, if at all.  One of the things a couple has to understand, is that the negotiation of and signing of a prenuptial agreement should take place with as little pressure as possible.  Pressure can come from not just the behavior of one party in the engagement, but also from a lack of time to properly review the prenuptial agreement.  Forbes Magazine recently reported that despite his having paid millions of dollars to his wife pursuant to a premarital agreement, the wife of Billionaire Ken Griffin is seeking to invalidate their prenuptial agreement on the grounds that she was under undue pressure to sign it.  Ken Griffin and Anne Dias-Griffin were married for approximately 11 years.  According to Forbes, Dias-Griffin had the assistance of three law firms while negotiating her prenuptial agreement.  This dispute should serve as a lesson to those looking to enter into a prenuptial agreement: Avoid pressure when entering into a Prenuptial Agreement!  You should give both parties ample time to read and review the agreement.  The closer to your wedding date the agreement is signed, the more likely a court may decide that there might have been undue pressure on a party!


Ken Griffin is a billionaire who made a great deal of his fortune founding and managing a huge hedge fund called Citadel.


Disclaimer: This website has no association with FORBES MAGAZINE or Citadel.




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